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Birthdate:Mar 3
Website:Tokyo-Zion Academy
Hey, what can I say? I'm an angel with a strong hint of mischief to me. "Forget about guns and forget ammunition, cause I'm killing them all on my own little mission." Hate it or not, you'll soon love me. This will be advertisement Mondays on here. My friends, matrixrefugee and youlooksofine, are my friendly rivals. They push me to do better with my Yami no Matsuei series, Ghost Doll. Pay them a visit and say hi.

Ghost Doll LiveJournal taglines:

Individual Characters:

Asmodeus is violent love.

Becky Campbell is busy-body love.

Emiko is butch love.

Eros is patient love.

Hotaru is loli goth love.

Kimoto Anna is isolated love.

Kimoto Daisuke is protective love.

Kimoto Haruka is sadistic love.

Kimoto Yasuo is needy love.

Kurosaki Hisoka is angst love.

Lucy Fisher is S&M love.

Mike is manly love.

Muraki Kazutaka is addicted love.

Stella Craig is wild love.

Takana Rihoko is nerdy love.

Tatsumi Seiichiro is strict shadow love.

Thanatos is drunk love.

Tsuzuki Asato is innocent love.

Watari Yukata is insane love.


Anna and Tsuzuki are intimate love.

Hisoka and Tsuzuki are unrequited love.

Tatsumi and Tsuzuki are past love.

Emiko and Hotaru are mischievous love.

Kimoto Shichiro and Amaya is controlling love.

Thanatos and Eros is balanced love.

Interests (147):

3 doors down, absolutely fabulous, alicia keys, anime, are you being served?, as time goes by, asian kung fu generation, bbc america, beatles, beautiful people, being different, belly dancing, big gay sketch show, björk, black books, bloc party, blur, bruce springsteen, classic rock, coldplay, comedies, computers, coupling, cowboy bebop, csi, csi: miami, csi: ny, cure, daft punk, dave gahan, dave matthews band, david gilmour, death cab for cutie, depeche mode, desperate housewives, detroit7, doors, england, english culture, evanescence, fall out boy, fan fiction, fiona apple, foo fighters, food, fullmetal alchemist, fuse tv, gackt, garbage, ghost hound, goldfrapp, gorillaz, green day, grey's anatomy, gurren lagann, gwen stefani, heroes, inbetweeners, internet, ivy, j-pop, japan, japanese culture, japanese music, jimi hendrix, keeping up appearances, kings of leon, kylie minogue, lenny kravitz, leverage, lie to me, lily allen, linkin park, literature, loveless, manga, massive attack, mia, moby, monty python, muse, music, my name is earl, my own work, mythology, myths, n.e.r.d, nine inch nails, no angels, no doubt, offspring, ovation tv, panic! at the disco, peep show, pink floyd, pj harvey, placebo, pop rock, portishead, psychology, queen, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, rihanna, rock, roger waters, romance, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, sanford and son, sarah mclachlan, scrubs, shakespeare, skins, smoking gun presents, snapped, sneaker pimps, spaced, sweets, swimming, tenchi muyo, the clash, the cranberries, the doors, the drew carey show, the gates, the killers, the mentalist, the mighty boosh, the pillows, the smiths, the smoking room, they might be giants, torchwood, tori amos, u2, velvet underground, vermillion pleasure night, victoria's secret, waiting for god, weezer, whose line, writing, yami no matsuei, yeah yeah yeahs, yoko kanno, yu yu hakusho
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